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Reviews Comments: Ktarra Moon's review Whoops Didnt Mean To Do That fanfic review by carla

This should be fun for everyone who knows the material and even though it is a partial SelfInsertFic it only comes in the last few chapters. The story is basically about Meilin becoming like Sakura in the original series. Eriol finds, in the present, a book similar to the orignal Clow Book in which Clow sealed his mistakes. The book can only be opened by someone who is "really stupid, and annoying! And . . . Chinese!". Meilin says the breaking enchatment and encounters the Guardian Beast of the Whoops: Keroberos-ette, a female version of Keroberos. There is also a female version of Yue, Yue-bella, and her "snow bunny" false form, Tsukishiro Yukito-bella. It continues throughout the standard Card Captor storyline and includes an alternate Syoran and Meilin, a musical counterpart to the Song card, the Magic Girl card; which replaces Tomoyo's costuming kick with magic-boosting costumes similar to Tomoyo's style of costume (it even replicates Yue's outfit in one chapter! Wings and everything!), Sakura becoming Meiling's filmer and more. This should be a very fun read for fans of the show.


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