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Reviews Comments: DAYD is Awesome, 'Kay? Dumbledores Army And The Year Of Darkness fanfic review by godborn

DAYD is possibly one of the best Harry Potter fanfics I have ever read. In a fandom full of wierd things and epic ship wars, DAYD stands out as serious, skilled and remarkably well thought out.

While there have been some accusations leveled on the subject of chauvinism in the fic which is, to an extent, true. BUT it must be remembered that out of five man characters, three are girls. The level of chauvinism is nothing more than could be expected from a Gryffindor boy (Neville) who is watching his two best friends and his girlfriend fight in a war.

Yes, there are some parallels drawn between beauty and courage. This is from a canon that has black-cloaked things that suck out your happy memories as a metaphor for DEPRESSION. Thanfiction is no worse than Rowling herself.

Gory and bloody? Neville actually mentions that Crucio and whippings are used against students in canon, as well as imprisonment. Thanfiction simply goes into detail about the war that Dumbledore's Army must fight.

Basically, I love DAYD. I think it's amazing. Saying that, I don't belive that it should be undertaken lightly. DAYD is the simply and epicly beautiful story about war and soliders and family.


  • lancer\'slancer
  • 1st Sep 11
He never mentioned whippings
  • Vilui
  • 12th Nov 13
I suffer from depression, and I think "black-cloaked things that suck out your happy moments" are a very good metaphor for depression. Why, exactly, do you have a problem with it?
  • kay4today
  • 12th Nov 13
"Hey, there are important girls in this story and lol boys will be boys" is not exactly a good argument against chauvinism.

Besides that Neville is basically a Jerk Sue throughout the whole fic.

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