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Reviews Comments: Well I'm whelmed Young Justice episode/issue review by Orangey

I have to say that I did enjoy the premier for Young Justice, it had some nice action and was a good pilot episode overall. Voice acting is good, mostly hits, a few misses; for some reason I don't like Batman's voice in this even though it's the same guy that did him in Under the Red Hood which was excellent. I have two issues: I don't like how Miss Martian didn't show up until the end of the pilot. I don't read comics so I don't know what she can do (I'll look her up later), but her lack of involvement in the episode does make me concerned with how involved she's going to be in the series. I'm not going to make any calls yet though, and instead wait and see what happens. The only other complaint was the pacing but that's a given as pretty much any new show has this problem

Overall I think this will be a good series, and look forward to January when it continues. If it gets better this will definitely go on my list of shows to watch along with Rex and Titan. Looks like my Friday's are now completely full ^_^.


  • UchihaKat
  • 29th Mar 12
Agreed. I swear this show gets better with every new episode!

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