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Reviews Comments: Gabrielle and Xena, sitting in a tree. Xena Warrior Princess whole series review by Amarys

Once one of the most popular shows in the World, Xena still holds some value almost 15 years after it's beginning. The themes are sweet and the action scenes never disappoint. For a live-action show set in the mid-nineties, the fighting is well-choreographed and consistently fun. Also, there is Les Yay. Dear Lord, the Les Yay. Gabrielle and Xena are inseparable and the subtext is astounding.


  • wellinever
  • 17th Sep 09
I was too young so I never picked it up. I was all Aries and Xena. Suprised me when I looked back at stuff and realised.
  • Dracomicron
  • 17th Sep 09
I watched intermittantly and was always amused at how Gabrielle's costume shrunk each season until she was wearing what appeared to be a halter top and a miniskirt.

And the lengths they went to tease their lesbian audience were prodigious. There was the one time that Xena goes in to kiss Gabrielle, only to cut to... Bruce Campbell, whose body Xena's spirit was possessing at the time. Cruel! Though in later seasons they dropped most of the pretense and the ladies were regularly seen naked bathing with each other or giving "mouth to mouth recussitation" or the like.
  • downloadtvshow
  • 13th Apr 10
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  • 22nd Jun 10
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  • 4th Sep 10
... Did the spambot really contribute to the discussion?
  • CrimsonZephyr
  • 11th Mar 11
Did the spambot seriously just use the word "prodigious?"
  • 11th Mar 11
It's funny how you people treat spambots like a foreign creature.
  • manblack
  • 27th Aug 11
This is actually a show with a female protagonist(s) that is actually quite respectable even if a little farfetched at times.

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