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Reviews Comments: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone Rebuild Of Evangelion episode/issue review by supernova

I didn't watch the show, but after watching this movie I can summarize the premise as "This is the story of a guy with daddy issues finding himself surrounded by hot chicks and having to pilot a giant robot to save mankind from neat monsters". I heard it is much, much more, but I can't say this remake made me feel that way so far.

Psychologically it's mainly aforementioned daddy issues and some "why me I can't do this I want to matter"-babble, which is just not that effective when it's being said by some guy I know nothing about. Actually I spent most of the movie feeling it didn't really want me to watch it, because the truckload of Fanservice is like "This is for dudes, what are you doing here". Serious contemplation is done in the bathtub, women change on screen and Shinji lands on a naked girl, accidentally reaching second base, completely ruining what could have been a proper confrontation by letting him find out if all her hair is blue. Yeah, thanks movie.

That is not to say I didn't like it. The art is superb. The animation is smooth, the backgrounds are gorgeous, the lightning and frames accentuate the mood well, the imagery is neat and the angels are great eldritch abominations (screaming origami diamond from hell, fuck yes). Not to mention the last few scenes are strong and show the protagonist is capable of not being a total doormat, which is nice and makes me hope the next instalment will allow me to get to know some characters.


  • SoRiku
  • 27th Oct 10
Nice review. I can see where you're coming from with the whole characterization thing. It's a very brief runthrough of the first 6 episodes of the series in movie form, so it makes sense that you don't have a feel for the characters yet.

Watch 2.0, and see if your opinion changes any.
  • supernova
  • 30th Oct 10
@ So Riku: Thank you (:

2.0 did give me a much better impression of Shinji's persona, and to a lesser extent Rei's, though I don't find the characters as interesting as the weirdness that is the battles (which is weird because I usually feel the reverse!)
  • SoRiku
  • 31st Oct 10
Wow, that's interesting. Mainly because if you watched the series you'd know the reasoning behind all those crazy battles. (Although 2.0 really takes some liberties with the Evas to make for a more action oriented plot.

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