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Reviews Comments: The same, but more Deadpool 2 film/book review by jakobitis

The first Deadpool movie was to a certain extent lightning in a bottle. There has been R-rated superhero movies before but none so deliberately and gleefully rude, crude and explicitly violent (or at least, none successfully so.)

There being no reason be mess with a winning formula, the sequel takes everything popular with the first film and turns it up to eleven (literally, in one particular sight gag.) More swearing, more bloody violence, more fourth wall defying meta jokes. Popular characters like Colossus and Dopinder get more to do - the former is notably more funny than his straight man shtick from the first movie. If you enjoyed the first film then you will enjoy the second.

However, the approach is not ENTIRELY successful. There are so many meta jokes and violations of the fourth wall it veers dangerously close to irreparably damaging any immersion. Some of the attempts to shock genre savvy viewers come across as twists for twists sake, and rather mean spirited ones at that. Overall a perfectly decent and enjoyable sequel but not anything that will change anyone\'s opinion on the franchise, or the character.


  • Kajin
  • 18th May 18
This is Deadpool. Immersion breaking fourth wall jokes are par for the course. Deadpool knows he's in a movie. Why should we suspend disbelief when the main character refuses to do so?

This movie probably isn't for you if being made aware you're watching a movie is a point against it. Suspend your disbelief by not suspending your disbelief.

And I'm not really sure what you mean by twists? I came into the movie getting just about everything I expected.
  • SpectralTime
  • 18th May 18
I admit, I did like the first movie, but Iím really burnt out on movies putting in bad twists for twistís sake, especially in a mean spirited and shallow attempt to get one over on the audience. So Iím nervous. I will probably put out a review with my own if I see it, but thank you for being honest.
  • ReiKusanagi
  • 18th May 18
while I enjoyed the gags, I do admit some of them went a bit far (one shouldn\'t include cult fave characters just to...)
  • TheRealYuma
  • 18th May 18
\"Of course Iíll see this movie. You will, too. What else are you going to do?\" - Sean Fennessey

But in all seriousness Spectral Time, it\'s worth seeing. If for one thing and one thing only, if Ryan Reynolds at it again must be excluded, the mid-credits scene.
  • jakobitis
  • 18th May 18
@Kajin - yes, breaking the fourth wall is part of Deadpool\'s shtick and a factor in what makes the character so popular but for me this time it wore a little bit. And having avoided spoilers myself, certain deaths were pretty twisty and definitely a bit mean.
  • TheRealYuma
  • 25th May 18
jakobitis Did you bother looking into how the actors felt about them?
  • jakobitis
  • 26th May 18
No, because the review is specifically how I felt about them, not what the actors thought/felt. They may have loved it or loathed it, that doesn\'t alter my own opinion .

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