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Reviews Comments: Too comic book-like? No Ordinary Family whole series review by Sijo

It's hardly fair to judge a show when its first season has barely started, so consider this more of a "first impression".

The basic concept of a normal family trying to adapt to having superpowers is intriguing on its own; and the characters so far have been likable and well-acted.

The problem I have is that the things they have done do not always make sense. Jim has become a vigilante despite the worries of his family, not to mention the fact that what he's doing is illegal and he (and his lawyer friend) know it; even worse he hasn't really been making much of a difference- just catching a few crooks. With the exception of the superpowered ones, the police doesn't really need his help.

Why is JJ keeping his powers a secret from his parents? I know he's trying to impress people and doesn't want his parents to stop him, but he keeps getting in one mess after another, you'd think he would have caught on that by now. And how big a hypocrite is his sister Daphne about warning him against abusing his powers then abusing hers? (Not to mention her "plan" to blackmail the liquor store owner was VERY dumb.) So far the only one who hasn't done anything too stupid is the mother, Stephanie, and that's mostly because she's been given the scientist angle, investigating the origin of their powers.

Even the supporting characters act dumb, like JJ's teacher, who is starting to fall into the "resenting teacher" role. (Stephanie's male scientist partner is also like this, openly showing hostility without thinking it might make HIM look bad.)

And we also have the super villainous conspiracy going on in the background. Are the producers afraid the show wouldn't sell without it?

In general, the show seems to be suffering from the same problem that Heroes had in its later seasons: the plots are too comic-book like for a show that's supposed to be more real than that. The ideas are good but they're not being handled well. Doesn't mean the show cannot improve, but right now I'm not impressed.


  • LaCapitana
  • 27th Oct 10
I agree. Intriguing concept, cliched execution. Superheroes just don't work in the real world if you give them the same kinds of traits they have in fiction. If I want likable comicbook heroes, why wouldn't I just keep reading Batman/Superman/whatever comics? or watch the Justice League cartoons? Or watch Iron Man? Or Smallville? Or Heroes? I only watched the pilot, but already I think that the Pixar Incredibles movies does a better job with the whole superhero family thing.

I hate the kids, too. They're flat, and if I were a kid and had powers I wouldn't really be angsting over it. At least not at first. If I had powers, I would have exploited them for all they're worth THEN angsted about if what'd I'd done was morally right. The teen girl, at least, immediately just said: "I can't be a virgin AND a freak!" And wham. Instant dislike.
  • Sijo
  • 24th Nov 10
"No Ordinary Accident" has been the worst episode (logic wise) yet: Both JJ and Jim feel guilty for the teacher's car accident for extremely forced reasons (Jim because the other driver was the crook he failed to catch earlier, JJ because the teacher drove out right after their argument.) Then Stephanie and JJ sneak *into a hospital* to *operate* on the guy to save his life- and almost kill him in the process. Oh and Jim goes after the carjackers despite his powers being on the fritz, which was caused by- Stephanie's new lipstick?? there are cartoons better written than this!
  • originalhobbit
  • 6th Mar 11
The first few episodes were weak, but the show is getting better. I'd hate to see a show canceled based on a weakness in the first few episodes of the first season.
  • EponymousKid
  • 7th Mar 11
I don't think there's such a thing as too comic book like.

I mean, what's the absolute maximum amount of "comic book" a series can have? Being a comic book. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the freaking concept of comic books.

Sijo: Oh, wow, and now cartoons are automatically inferior to everything except the worst Live Action show, too?
  • IronicMouse
  • 5th May 11
I will agree that the first few episodes were the weakest, but since then, the show has improved exponentially. The Character Development of the Powells has been amazing to watch, the complexity of the villains' characters has been very refreshing, and the amount of Wham Episodes in just the first season has been astonishing. I have also been amazed at how many of the Super Hero genre's most fundamental tropes have been played with, but I will say this. If you don't like Super Heroes, you won't like this show, but if you do, give it a chance, you won't be sorry.

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