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Reviews Comments: One of the Worst Mangas I have ever seen One Punch Man whole series review by Xantospoc Is Here

I love parodies. I love shonen. I love superheroes. One Punch Man is all three of them. And it\'s awful. The main issue comes from the characters: the series suffers of Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy because the so called heroes are selfish, cruel, violent and incompotent. Saitama, main character and supposed exception, starts at first as an amusing contrast by his bland appearence hiding an overwhelming power but quickly degernates into an apathetic sociopath.

Superheroes are shown in a rather shallow way as nothing more but generic stock shonen figures with horribly unimaginative designs who often don\'t even bother to have masks or anything resembling superheroes, always only fighting \'the villain\' and getting of course Worfed to make Saitama look cooler. There should be a parody element but it\'s been done so often it\'s not funny. And worst they are pointless. You can write them off and nothing is gained. Villains are also lulz parody monsters with no decent personality, Garou in particular being the worst villain in decades (yes, I know his full backstory, I stand by my opinion).

The art itself, arguably the best, is often wasted on such lackluster designs.... The humor also is so full of Mood Whiplash it makes me feel like I watch Season 7 of Family Guy. Not once I have laughed

Only King and Fubuki are moderately amusing for being more than just heroes with gimmick but otherwise... trash.

Shallow Parody, Thy Name is One Punch Man. Avoid at all costs


  • lookinkooljoka
  • 28th May 18

Not entirely true, there are decent, heroic characters. Be it Zombieman, Mumen Rider, Death Gatling, Lightening Max, and Silver Fang.

I don\'t see what behaviors Saitama has that makes him a sociopath. He can certainly be apathetic and sometimes selfish but he\'s not a sociopath. He still shows enough concern to rescue other heroes in trouble as in the case with Sea King.

There\'s no need for masks because they\'re not aiming to hide their identities with a few exceptions like Metal Knight. There\'s no set standard towards a superhero design. You can still find scenarios where the heroes do fight and survive without Saitama like they are against Melzagard. What should be a decent personality for a villain, you can hardly call Garou a villain given his motivations.

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