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Reviews Comments: So...Season 3... Rick And Morty season review by n3rd d4sh

Season 3 of Rick and Morty, so far, has been polarising to a fair amount of people. Some think it\'s good, while others think it\'s not good. Personally, I actually don\'t know how to feel on it. It has both good things and bad things, and I\'m having a tough time forming an opinion.

Season 1 and 2, I will admit, I did enjoy more. More iconic imagery and episodes came from them, compared to Season 3, where the most iconic images to come from it are Pickle Rick and Szechuan \"How the fuck do I spell this?\" Sauce. But Season 3 still has good moments, even if their not as memorable, like giving Jerry some much needed character development, intriguing concepts and some interesting world building. And the comedy, while not as strong, still makes me laugh, a good example being Morty\'s un-characteristically casual disarming of a bomb in Vindicators 3.

On top of that, the intro to Rest and Ricklaxation, while partially pulling a bait and switch on what would of been a nice episode, is probably one of the best things I thought came out of the series. Seeing these two have a more down to earth reaction to one of their adventures was very enjoyable, showing that Rick is not always the brave hero we see. In fact, I actually, personally enjoyed the whole episode, even if it was not what I expected, with the idea of Rick\'s bad side and good side being split into two different beings. True, Rick saying his attachment to Morty being a bad quality is a bit of a downer, but I still enjoyed it very much, even though I know some may not (Or maybe they did like it? I dunno, it\'s very new as I write this.)

But on the other hand, Season 3 is following two seasons of what many consider the greatest adult cartoon made, so it has some competition. While I did enjoy at least every episode in Season 3 so far, most of them do not stand with great episodes like Auto Erotic Assimilation, Total Rickall, Rixty Minutes, The Wedding Squanchers or Rick Potion #9. I think this is mainly due to a new variety of writers, which is straying us away from the more iconic episodes from the show. Justin Roiland does constantly look and read criticism of the show, especially from fans, so there is a possibility that any problems people have with Season 3 is dealt with in a possible Season 4, if it should ever be made.

Overall, at episode 6, Season 3 has me feeling...neutral. The good stuff is there, but the good stuff itself is weak compared to the previous seasons. I\'m willing to stick with both Rick and Morty on there adventures, so I do plan on watching the rest of Season 3 itself. I just hope it won\'t dip into \"bad\" quality for me, as there\'s few feelings worse then a dislike for what was once one of your favourite things.


  • Pannic
  • 28th Aug 17
So far it\'s a mixed bag of quality, for sure, but I think the flawed episodes are less \"season 3 sucks\" and more \"these are problems that the show has kind of always had.\" Episode 6, of course, is absolutely great. It has all the creative craziness and black comedy that the show is good for, without the things that annoy me (shallow pastiche, Rick being insufferable, etc).

I think the thing about season 3 is that I think it shows that this isn\'t a show that\'s interested in developing a larger plot. It\'s not Bojack Horseman - it\'s a sci-fi pastiche show where characterization, continuity, and plot take a backseat to what the creative team needs for a joke.

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