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Reviews Comments: Anne Onymous is obviously writing wishfulfillment. The Wotch whole series review by Fallen Legend

In a nutshell this story was obviously written by a man that wrongfully assumes that women have it easier, are happier, kinder or superior to men. There is no doubt in my mind that Anne Onymous is the pseudonym of a man. Because only an immature man would make such wrong assumption.

A real woman that lives every day as one knows of the challenges of her life and how her peers are as flawed as men are. Women are judged by their appereance, their role in society can be very complex and they have hormonal pain that men simply can\'t understand.

As for the plot it\'s a Cliché Storm:Chosen One plot average girl in an average school that gets magical powers Because Destiny Says So and yet another dime-a-dozen flat dark lord big bad( doesn\'t scream originality at all) ... Not sure if it gets better later. But what I saw wasn\'t very good.

The \"plot\" is just an excuse to write escapist fantasy plots and a wishfulfillment for the author and some of it\'s reader to become girls.

The characters are all one dimensional and just an excuse for gender bender and the protagonist is a Mary Sue with nothing that stands out from her.

In the slim case this comic is written by a girl, then I have no choice but to state that this comic is manipulative at worst and mediocre at best.

If you want a story that sells the ridiculous fantasy that becomimg a girl is some kind of Nirvana then this is for you. If you want a good story with interesting characters then this isn\'t the place.


  • Roo
  • 6th Apr 17
There's nothing wrong with a little bit of wish-fulfilment in a story... long as the story is actually a good story and doesn't get all lost in its wish-fulfilling. Which is kind of exactly what The Wotch does. I actually thought the premise had potential; it's just that it's handled so poorly.

The main problem is that the characters are so dull and one-dimensional; you just don't feel invested in them or what happens to them. Hence, since the plot isn't very original either, and the art is really... not very good... about the only thing the comic has going for it is the wish-fulfillment aspect. Which means you get Mary Sue protagonist and a world in which everybody conveniently have the same wants and tastes really.

If Anne Onymous had actually bothered to develop the characters a little more. given more thought to the story and worldbuilding, and (not least) acknowledged that there are, in fact, guys out there who don't fantasize about turning into girls, and that there's nothing wrong with that... Well. Maybe the comic would have been better.

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