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Reviews Comments: A Dated Classic Dracula film/book review by Kafkesque

Dracula is very much a product of the literary conventions of its time. The pacing lags a little and the action is sparse, and some of the things that would be considered utterly horrifying in Stoker\'s day fall a little flat for modern readers—Seinfeld Is Unfunny and all that. Oh, and be prepared for a lot of passages where the main characters fawn over each other and tell each other what wonderful people they are, just to make sure we remember that we\'re supposed to be rooting for the heroes. That being said, Dracula remains entirely readable and if you\'re interested in the history of vampires in pop culture then it\'s a must-read.


  • Theokal3
  • 10th Feb 17
I respectfully disagree, except maybe for the pacing. I still find a lot of the stuff in this book very horrifying, more so than a lot of modern horror movies.

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