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Reviews Comments: One of the worst shows i\'ve ever seen Sonic Boom season review by What Art Thee

I\'ve watched all of season 1 of this show, and it\'s one of the worst i\'ve ever seen, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

- The characters were massacred. Sonic and Tails are fine, but Amy\'s now a female stereotype, Knuckles has an IQ of 0, and Eggman... oy. He\'s supposed to be the villain, right? But now, he isn\'t threatening in the SLIGHTEST, and is Sonic\'s best bud.

- Old Eggman: \"I don\'t care if the world\'s destroyed, as long as Sonic\'s destroyed with it!\" - New Eggman: \"Hey, Amy, wanna play Fuzzy Puppy Buddies?\"

And Sticks... Sticks is possibly the worst Sonic character ever. \"Annoying to the extent I want to tape her mouth shut\" is a massive understatement.

- The plots are dumb as can be. Sonic returns a library book? A boy-band producer brainwashes people into liking his music? Knuckles tries to restore \"the luck balance of the universe\" by just doing stupid stuff for 11 minutes? Lame, lame, lame.

- The action scenes are horrific. Every one has no excitement, drama, tension, or anything! All they are are just \"Sonic smashes robots\".

- The humor is abysmal. I only laughed about a half-dozen times in the whole show, and the amount of jokes that made me bang my head against the wall was through the roof.

So overall, a horrible show. 2/10.


  • Tomodachi
  • 23rd Jan 17
So, let me guess, you are a fanboy who doesn\'t like change? Thought so, if this review, as brilliantly written as it is, shows what your really think, then I\'m not going to waste my time reading any more of your reviews.

What exactly did you expect from a comedy show? Comedy is built on idiocy. Even smart humor is mocking something stupid.

Also, really, you are talking about Eggman, out of all people? You remind me of that asshole on Deviantart who hated Omega (Who is pretty bland in the videogames) being changed into an Ax-Crazy hero in the comics. This Eggman is for a comedy version of the characters, not main version Eggman who is a legitimate threat.

Write a review again when you can actually give a good argument.
  • KarkatTheDalek
  • 23rd Jan 17
I mean, just because this is a different version doesn't mean that they have to like the choices made for it.
  • MFM
  • 23rd Jan 17
They don\'t have to like it, but when their criticisms for an alternate continuity that\'s a sitcom first and foremost include silly plots, bad fight scenes, and the characters being different, it mostly sounds like they came in predisposed to not like it.
  • Tomodachi
  • 29th Jan 17
Is not that they doesn't like it, it their arguments that annoys me. It sounds like a rabid fanboy who didn't like change instead of a rational person. It could be explained in a calm, rational manner, but the hyperboles are not helping their case.
  • WhatArtThee
  • 1st Mar 17
Though it is true that it is a sitcom first and formost, sitcoms are supposed to make me laugh, this rarely does, it makes me cringe much more. And I don\'t like the character changes, or dumb plots, or lame action, or anything else i criticized.

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