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Reviews Comments: Good Graphics and Good Game Final Fantasy Tactics Advance whole series review by Kuzlalala

So this is my first detailed review EVER. So excuse any bad grammar and lack of details.

First of all, let me summarize a bit about this game. Since it's previous game Final Fantasy Tactics is a game for teens with rather dark illustrations, complex stories and hard game system (which is of course something good for those who likes challenging games), Square Enix gives a chance for younger children to experience a tactical Final Fantasy game: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

To tell you the truth I've never played FFT before, but I know that FFTA is the lighter version of the former.

Now with the other elements. The graphics (or illustration) is drawn by artist Ryoma Ito, someone who copies the style of FFT, which was drawn by Akihiko Yoshida. Ryoma Ito did a good job on drawing a more family-friendly version of FFT's graphics. Especially that the main characters of the game were dominantly children.

The story plot is very good, too. I, as an FFTA player who finished all 300 missions, could already understand the concept of the plot, and the moral about not running away from reality, what a good message. Though I think the game's plot wasn't sent properly, which made some fans protest about the hero Marche Radiuju.

My score for the game system is rather low, though. But high enough for me to appreciate it. The game system is easy for beginners. The race system is also a good idea and shows uniqueness between units. The mission proved that they were good by giving the Tetris Effect. Though what bugs me is that the very, very last boss of FFTA wasn't challenging enough, seriously.

If I could give stars to this game, I'd give it 4.


  • Byemus
  • 16th Aug 10
I really hate the moral in FFTA. Yeah, I'm getting lectured on facing reality WHILE I'M PLAYING A VIDEO GAME! The law system is frustrating and arbitrary, and there are several game-breakers that make the game too easy. FFTA 2 did a better job with a less controversial plot and a more polished battle system.

Still, I love the game and it's crazy addictive, and the job/race system is a nice touch.
  • RoninCatholic
  • 31st Dec 12
I loved this game. It has the third-best story I've seen in the Final Fantasy series and no major plotholes. More importantly, the gameplay was fun (if a bit on the easy side and broken balance-wise).

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