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Reviews Comments: Very easy to get caught in the mess The Adventures Of Dr Mc Ninja whole series review by Calamity Jane

When I first started reading Dr. McNinja, it was more or less the usual thing you get when you start a new series. You get your bearings, figure out who's who, which of the characters are most important, etc. Once Judy showed up, I knew that I was in for a wild ride. And as the series progressed and one thing led to another, I was actually pretty impressed with the complete attention to continuity and linear storytelling. The story is wonderful and really roped me in, that mega-arc that started first with the ninjas, then with Frans Reyner, then with the zombie ninjas, then astronauts, then Ben Franklin in Purgatory, then Headless Horsemen, then Dracula's moonbase, until finally the story arc ended with Dr. McNinja Astronaut riding Robot Dracula from the Moonbase after Ben Franklin died for the final time and successfully eliminating all zombie ninja threats. And that's not even scratching the surface of KNIFE-EYE ATTACK and Robot Animal Fighting.

Then a whole new linear story arc shows up, with Sparklelord the unicorn-motorcycle, King Radical and Dr.McNinja basically switching sides from the good-guy-bad-guy aesthetic, and then you get the promise of more present-tense action and promises of an awesome story. And you do get an awesome story—one that CALLS BACK ON THE ORIGINAL STORY ARC. With clones and Sky Pirates.

Honestly, the continuity here in Dr. McNinja is awesome, and no matter which on the scale of Awesomeness Vs Lameness the nonsense can get (Most Awesome: Dr McNinja Astronaut riding Robot Dracula Who Can Shoot Laser Beams from the Moon to the Earth and then giving Ben Franklin's Ghost a new pizza-head. Most Lame: Robster the Lobster Person), its still got the power to rope you in as much as any Myth Arc can, maybe even more. You enter the world of Dr. McNinja, and you have so much fun you're tempted to whine 'but MoOoOoOoOOoom!' when you inevitably have to leave the computer screen to attend to the boredom of real life, where there are no Raptor Riding Banditos or Zombie Ninja Children to be found. :(

Let's read D.A.R.E again :)


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