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Reviews Comments: Mighty Hell... We Are The Strange film/book review by Kuroma

I cannot sum up this movie except that after I saw it, I was cackling like a madman for a good ten minutes. It makes no sense. It is truly incomprehensible. It barely has a plot. The art seems horrific at times. Yet, I liked this film. It's got an awesome final act that makes up for the incomprehensibility. This is a very short review because this film is near impossible to describe. Watch this nonsensical film! Just, be aware that Mad Cackling might wake up the neighbours.

Edit: I really hope that this won't be the only review of this film. More people need to see it.

Second Edit: Okay, on second viewing, I'm liking this film less. I still think people should see it, but only once. It's not good for repeat viewings. I started dissecting it and realized how mindless it really is. Now, I can describe this film: "A film for the Internet age, FROM the Internet age, which relies on jarring visuals, video game references, some Unfortunate Implications and a mecha fight."

It's mind-boggling and stupid at the same time. I don't like it anymore, but it is the perfect film for summarizing Internet culture. Maybe that was the point.


  • theweirdwarrior
  • 14th Aug 10
Yeah. When you see something that weird - love it or hate it - that's pretty much the only natural reaction. I personally think the final act is even better with the DVD's Noise Inc. Soundtrack. Good review
  • 14th Oct 10
If you want more people to see it, you might want to try what I do and be an Entry Pimp.

Go down the list of tropes for this movie. Click on the links and visit their articles. If We Are The Strange isn't already listed in the examples, add it in under the "Film" or "Western Animation" Tab.

Ideally, that'll help WATS get more exposure.

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