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Reviews Comments: Less Than the Sum of Its Parts Final Fantasy VII Advent Children film/book review by Darth Howie

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children is a glorified tech demo. Its plot is completely incomprehensible without having played Final Fantasy VII first, and even then it is frustratingly vague. All of Cloud's character development from the game had regressed, new villains are introduced out of nowhere with no solid explanation of their backgrounds, seemingly dead characters are revived for no apparent reason, and Sephiroth is resurrected for absolutely no good reason. The dialogue is horrendously bad, the characterization is non-existent and what is comprehensible in the plot is riddled with massive plot holes.

The up side? The movie looks and sounds fantastic with ridiculously good CGI visuals and a great soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu. Really, the movie is nothing but a giant, lovingly assembled pile of Fan Service. If you are a fan of Final Fantasy VII, and that's what you want, you will be happy. If you want a storyline that can stand on its own two feet, makes sense, has strong characterization and adds anything meaningful to the already existing storyline of Final Fantasy VII, you will be incredibly disappointed. In other words, the movie exists solely for Rule Of Cool. If you are Okay with that, you will enjoy it. If you are not, don't bother.

Oh, yeah. Any scene that doesn't involve over the top action is filled with either nonsense exposition or wall-to-wall Wangst.

If none of that scares you off, have fun.


  • iburnaga
  • 10th Jul 10
I would agree. It looks cool but outside looking cool there doesn't seem to be any substance at all.
  • 10th Aug 10
Having barely played FFVII, I only watched the film for the scenery pr0n. It delivered in that respect. Consider my eyes fully serviced. -Riz
  • ManwiththePlan
  • 11th Aug 10
seemingly dead characters are revived for no apparent reason.

I was fine with Rufus coming back, since he's so Badass, but was there a point to having Tseng still be alive?
  • PataHikari
  • 12th Aug 10
Tseng was never killed.

His "death" was a translation error in the English version of FF 7.
  • Dragonessa
  • 14th Aug 10
I actually really liked this movie. Funny thing was, I never played the game beforehand and was somehow able to figure out how it went just by studying up on the characters (Thank you Wikipedia xD). I will say the visuals are really something to look at. I think I can speak for almost every fangirl here when Sephiroth came glass-shattering fangirl squealing.
  • Aerodactylus
  • 24th Oct 10
I also enjoyed the movie without ever having played the game (although I should fix that...). It most certainly runs on Rule Of Cool (there are few fictional things I want more right now than Cloud's bike), and honestly, I think Square realized that. I mean, the movie has more fight scenes than not! This is one I can comfortably say is just there for mindless fun.
  • 24th Oct 10
I liked it. I believe that there are movies/video games/other media that don't need a story because what they do offer is absolutely freaking great, and sometimes trying to make sense out of it with a consistent plot ruins everything.

I agree it was just a feast for the eyes, but it was really great at it, and that makes it a great movie in its own right.

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