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Reviews Comments: Take a third option. Zero Punctuation whole series review by Jack Mackerel

He's your friend. (Well, not actually your friend. Croshaw hates people who try to befriend him up front.)

Are you going to go to him to see what he thinks of a game? Yes. Are you going to expect him to be totally neutral about it? No. You know this friend of yours hates (insert genre here), dislikes certain aspects of games, probably hasn't played through most of the game, or is making assumptions, and, since you do have other friends (do you?), you're not just going to rely on him. And, by admission, he's probably blatantly wrong about something in the game. And you certainly expect that, because he's not (for the purpose of this analogy) a professional critic.

Like any friend in real life, you're going to take what he says with a grain of salt. Maybe two grains. And then laugh when he starts cracking jokes.


  • Alexlayer
  • 5th Jul 10
True altogether.

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