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Reviews Comments: I can't believe this crap. Shingeki No Kyojin whole series review by aiknow

Let me start off by saying that, at first, I adamantly decided against watching or reading this series due to the amount of hype for it. Come on, topping popularity charts in only a few episodes? That's a little ridiculous. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that it would no way live up to the expectation the fans had set for it. This conclusion was so wrong. Even though the first episode started out as surprisingly slow-moving and mundane, it was powerful. As the series progressed, it only became more so, and when the action and mystery were added, it made for a fantastic combination. The plot runs ridiculously deeper than it would be expected to. Every twist, no matter how expected it may be, somehow gets turned into a surprise. The characters are well-developed and unnervingly human, and none of them are quite what would be expecting. (Also the manga, while known for a questionable art style, is really pretty fantastic, and the further you read, the more stressful the story gets in the best of ways.) I cannot believe how much I like this series. This is absurd.


  • doctrainAUM
  • 14th Apr 14
I don't like how misleading the title for this review is.
  • BigBusterBrown
  • 14th Apr 14
Title is very misleading. Like on purpose click-bait. But I suppose it's alright(kinda) if you're really that surprised the show is good.

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