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Reviews Comments: A stream of conciousness review Frozen film/book review by Electric Nova

Frozen is a good film. But not a great film. I'll go with the positives first: Beautiful animation, well conceptualised characters, a nice plot framework, and some very catchy songs. You've heard it all before. Essentially this is a "it was really good except for" review. There's gonna be spoilers, so if you care, don't read on.

As I said, the animation is great. Traditional animation wouldn't actually help this film, it needs the CGI. This is one the first films that I would say need CGI to work, what with the beautiful reflective snowscapes. The plot takes some pretty big swerves, with a surprise villain that subverts clichés. But this is where the film isn't as great.

Elsa and Anna don't get enough screentime together to build up their relationship. This is an issue. Until, "Let it go", Elsa doesn't show much character. I know that's partly the point, to show her isolation and repression, but still.

The villain, Hans, is introduced as a villain far too late, and horrifyingly (eh) doesn't get a villain song in a film with this good a soundtrack. Most of the time he's in his nice guy persona, which is unfortunate, as for about a minute this guy was threatening. Properly sadistic. Oh well. I like my villains, so next time Disney introduce the real villain earlier.

The climax is a bit weak. Kristoff does nothing, despite being hyped up, and the villain doesn't get much of a comeuppance. and you kind of forget where all the plot strands are going. As I said, the problem is resolved by Elsa, who caused the problem.

I still love this film though. As I said, the songs are great, despite stopping half way through. The protagonists are likeable, and I like the road trip style of the middle of the film. Especially "Let it go", obviously. I had less issues than others with "Fixer upper" just a fun little song.

The middle is the best part. Like a crème egg. If you know what that is. I'm sure you do.

Well that's enough of me rambling. It's good. I like it. Go see it. For all me describing the flaws, that's just because there's not much more to say about the myriad positive aspects that hasn't already been said by everyone else. So I apologise if this review looks negative. It isn't.



  • TomWithNoNumbers
  • 9th Apr 14
We liked opposite parts of the film =D I felt like the road trip part was the weakest, if only because it was the furthest away from the most interesting relationships and ideas in the film.

According to the writers Frozen does have a villain song, it's just hidden within the lyrics of the first love song =D The song sounds like it's about their time together but actually Hans is singing about how he's going to take over the kingdom. Love is an open door... to the kingdom. "I've been searching my whole life to find my own place"

I don't think they fully pulled it off though, mainly because it's a very short song. Apparently the japanese version has smarter lyrics

  • ElectricNova
  • 9th Apr 14
Eh, I just felt that the psychological aspect could have been developed more, so I liked the road trip part because it was just simple fun really.

Although you can still see the original plans for Elsa being a villain in some of the film's scenes. Having her as a tragic villain might have been cool, but would end up creating an entirely different film. One that Disney.....probably wouldn't make.
  • Lakija
  • 11th Apr 14
This was much easier stream of consciousness to follow that The Sound and the Fury was in Lit class back then.

Nice review.

@Tom With No Numbers: Aww Shit! I did not notice that! O.O
  • TomWithNoNumbers
  • 11th Apr 14
@Electric Nova I felt the psychological aspect could have been developed more so the road trip part that didn't develop it was my least favourite part =D

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