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Reviews Comments: Underland is superior to Wonderland Alice In Wonderland 2010 film/book review by Welshbie

Tim Burton did it. He managed to suck the life, the soul, the essence out of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson/Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland's fantasy world.

That's... actually an amazing accomplishment when you think about it.

I couldn't do it, I know that. Not even with a budget of $150$200 million. No way.

Its not easy to force a war-story, prophecy, and chosen-one cliches, onto a colorful literary work where they don't belong. And congratulations are in order for making Care Bears in Wonderland appear 'sincere' and 'faithful' to the original and hugely-influential novel, by comparison. That takes some doing.

Everyone expected he'd achieve something fitting and memorable with the world, like filling it with luscious and elaborate backgrounds as seen in American Mc Gee's Alice. He didn't and I'm impressed. Apparently, not being original, is the new original.

Its not everyday you can turn an upside-world populated by peculiar and amazing anthropomorphic creatures and make them dull and lackluster.

Also worth mentioning is in spite of Tim's sheer determination to not stick to the source material whatsoever in the name of "art", and risk angering lovers of the book and earlier adaptations, the film grossed over a billion in ticket sales anyway... that's amazing...

...I think the audience deserves its own applause.


  • Tuckerscreator
  • 19th Mar 14
And congratulations are in order for making Care Bears in Wonderland appear 'sincere' and 'faithful' to the original and hugely-influential novel, by comparison.

This sounds suspiciously similar to the Nostalgia Critic's own claim in his recent review...
  • emeriin
  • 19th Mar 14
And at least he had "Tim Burton" give him a moral, even if he did forget it right after.
  • Welshbie
  • 19th Mar 14
If we want to be technical, Care Bears in Wonderland, is still the worst adaptation, because Tim Burton's production seems to be ashamed to have any association to Lewis Carroll's work. Even in name. It rejects the "wonder" in Wonderland and instead we got... under-land. Underland? Seriously? That's ripping off Narnia isn't it?
  • Tuckerscreator
  • 19th Mar 14
The sixth Narnia book does indeed have Underland, though that's as far as the similarity goes (it's populated by gnomes, for one).
  • FullBlast
  • 24th Mar 14
I'm probably one of the few people who will say this, but I do like the movie. To clarify, I think it needs quite a bit of improvement, but for the overall meh-ness I like it (rather the potential it had to be a decent movie anyway)
  • DorianCairne
  • 14th Jan 15
Thank you for this. I came here ready to rage and laughed instead.
  • catmuto
  • 4th Mar 15
I find Burton's depiction of Alice as a very boring girl to be very fitting to the book. I read the book and, dang, was that girl boring. So at least he got that right.
  • TheRealYuma
  • 4th Feb 17
This is less of a review and more of an applause. Also, if anything, Tim Burton should have just used the original screenplay for the cartoon as inspiration.
  • LitleWiggle
  • 5th Feb 17

Pretty sure this review is supposed to be sarcastic...
  • TheRealYuma
  • 5th Feb 17
Either way, it hardly qualifies as a review.

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