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Reviews Comments: Definitely a classic. Beauty And The Beast film/book review by Spiker

Beauty and the Beast is a beautifully animated film, telling the story of several odd individuals. Lead by a strong female protagonist and supported by the Beast, this classical fairy-tale tells the story of realizing one’s mistakes and working to fix them, with the help of a friend. The main characters undergo a large amount of character development during the span of the movie, complemented by the array of supporting characters, especially the castle’s servants. This creative idea, in Disney’s pristine decade, could have possibly been the base for Pixar’s 1995 hit film Toy Story. The movie’s complement of well-written characters and plot is completed by a truly memorable, emotional soundtrack, especially the main theme, named after the movie itself. Beauty and the Beast is filled with emotional moments, but always knows when to inject a little bit of humour to keep the mood light. This Disney classic comes across well to all ages, conveying the true meaning of Beauty and The Beast.

Beauty and the Beast is truly a “tale as old as time”, beautifully written and executed.


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