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Reviews Comments: Pros/Cons of Despicable Me 2 Despicable Me 2 film/book review by creader

Pros mean what I really liked about the movie. Con are what I thought could've been added to make the movie even more great.

  • Lucy Wilde. I loved her.
  • The AVL. I would love to have a job like that.
  • The girls being in on all the action.
  • The animation was beautiful.
  • The Minions played their job well.
  • GRUCY!!!
  • Martonio. Sadly, it ended too quickly.
  • The Minionese version of "YMCA". It was epic!
  • The wedding pictures at the end.
  • The songs by Pharrell.

  • Not enough detail on Lucy. All we know is that she was a newbie AVL agent and is Gru's love interest. What's her backstory?
  • Their wasn't enough of Ninja!Edith. In fact, Edith was Demoted to Extra.
  • Marlena could've been added to the climax (i.e. saving the girls from the brainwashed minions, instead of Dr. Nefario).
  • El Macho being more the false Big Bad. He's really a Nice Guy with a villainous past. And the real Big Bad is a member of the AVL (pulling the strings from behind the curtains0.
    • On an added note, Gru and Lucy could've figure out who the real Big Bad was in their own different ways.
  • The Martonio ending. They could've let the couple break up because of family issues or whatever. Making Antonio into a playboy only added (in my opinion) stereotyping and a rather pointless B-plot.
  • More characterization of Antonio and the relationship between him and his father.
    • And more character of Silas Ramsbottom, instead of just being the Jerkass boss of the AVL.
  • Dr. Nefario being called out for kidnapping and brainwashing the Minions. From Gru.
  • Maybe some subtle hints from each of the girls on how they became orphans. Later disclosed in a short centered around them.


  • TheRealYuma
  • 24th Apr 16
I do not recall El Macho being more of a false Big Bad.
  • 793ws
  • 10th Jul 17
According to the writer, Lucy\'s parents were killed by a villain.

There you go, some backstory for Lucy.

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