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Reviews Comments: A moderately entertaining adventure story, with extremely high praise. The Bible film/book review by mattathiascyrus

It's overdosed with social commentary of the time, with the ancient Hebrews chewing out all those who attacked them in the past, but the plot is actually quite entertaining, dealing with everything from drug rape to regicide; this is a book that pulls no punches!

The relationships are also interesting and wide-ranging, but it gets confusing. Also a factor that tends to draw away potential fans is that the Trivia is placed right in the middle of the story. Fans do love their trivia; just look at all the extra information accompanying things like Star Trek or Lord of The Rings, but it's not a good idea to have too much detail right in the middle of the story if the detail doesn't add to the story.

The main character of this story, God, is basically one of those people who acts like he's sooo hardcore and pushes people around but in reality, pretty much a gentle, sentimental scaredy-cat who wants to prove he's the scariest guy out there so people will like him. Kind of like everyone I knew at High School. His Son doesn't put on as much of a bluff, but he still acts like he's some sort of bad-ass rogue. I admire that God is basically a good character at heart... he just does mean things to get attention.

Some of my favourite stories from the Bible are Jehu the Assassin, Jonah and the Whale, Joseph getting sold as a slave and then becoming a Pharaoh, Mose's adventure, Samson's superhuman strength, and many more.

This book has adventure, drama, trauma, tension, suspense, and even a little humour — the author comments that a Rival God's Temple was replaced with a Jewish Toilet. However, one theme the Bible just isn't good at is Horror.

Maybe I'm just desensitized by reading various creepypasta over the years, but honestly, "Who Was Phone?" is scarier than the Biblical description of Hell. I guess it's one of those things where your mind is supposed to fill in the gaps, like they do on Broadway Productions, but it's so underdetailed, and as cliched as "day of all the blood" that I'm surprised Dawkins could consider it child abuse.

The Book of Revelations is much better, but it's more terrifying in a "WEIRD CREATURES HAVING AN EPIC SUPERNATURAL SHOWDOWN" way.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes Elfen Lied, South Park, or Lord of The Rings.


  • Byemus
  • 25th Jun 10
Sounds cool. Should I buy it or steal it like everyone else?
  • richierua
  • 20th Jun 11
im a christian yet i found this hilarious. Good show!
  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 21st Jun 11
Steal it. I'm sure you'd be fulfilling a Christians dream by stealing their bible :D
  • Kastorr
  • 28th Jun 11
A humorous parody review. Nice job.
  • ToaofGallifrey
  • 13th Oct 15
I enjoyed Elfen Lied but this not so much.
  • LitleWiggle
  • 14th Oct 15
I dunno, after the book of Job I found God more of a designated hero. I mean, the narration talks up his love a lot later on, but it's a pretty big Informed Attribute.

Then again, even before that, he was murdering thousands of people at once for looking at a damn box.

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