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Better Than I Expected.
Due to old Arthur Curry's presence in most media, I was a bit leery about reading the comics. I happened to pick up an issue along with other comics. When I decided to read it, It was a wonderful issue. It dealt with Aquaman dealing with the death of his son and his wife, Mera, leaving him. This issue also had Aquaman meetinh up with Martian Manhunter. At the finale of the issue, Black Manta, his arch-nemesis, appears taunting and threatening Aquaman. It ends in a cliffhanger, which made me to want to read even more. The Issue was better than I expected, and the art was well done. The lesson learned is that you never trust a book by its cover.


Copies of the review?
comment #22134 ElectricNova 19th Nov 13
I doubt the reviewer did this intentionally, it's probably the site's coding being, err, not very good again.

Or maybe the reviewer accidentally triple clicked on "Send" and thus three copies were created. It's probably a great story.
comment #22138 kay4today 19th Nov 13
Aquaman is cool enough to warrant three reviews. But it's still kind of annoying.
comment #22139 Lightflame 19th Nov 13

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