Reviews Comments: Need more than 3d glassed to comprehend the stupidity

Need more than 3d glassed to comprehend the stupidity
Honestly if you're keeping me in a cinema hall for over two hours than at least keep me entertained. Even Return of the king which was a good movie for 3/4 just kept going and would put me off repeat viewings.

The thing is avatar isn't good at all. I don't care for cgi that much. I am more impressed with stuff like puppetry, set pieces and pyrotechnics. Avatar didn't look so stunning seeing as it didn't look very alien at all.

I was expecting Han Solo to land down in the millenium falcon whilst Chewbacka ripped a navi's arms off. No wait that actually sounds way too entertaining so it can't be in avatar. But really pandora feels like its two parsecs of tatooine if you catch my interstellar drift.

The main goal of the expedition is to hunt unobtanium which to me must somehow increase brain activity seeing as everyone in this movie is rock-stupid.

Avatar has a simple plot with boring one note characters. The awesome navi characters that are ever shown are just stereotypes. Chief's daughter (check), peace seeking chief (check), shaman (check), next in line best warrior betrothed to princess (check). Jake Sully was going to ally himself with the navi fall in love and permanently become one of them (gasp). Don't tell me he becomes the leader or something. Great the return of the white man's fantasy, it is his burden after all.

Col Quatrich is the only character done well as he feels commanding instead of being pushed around by the idiotic plot. Instead of sympathising for the navi i get to see this stubborn Col Clint Eastwood do the most superhuman things to this arrogant race. A race that believes they are superior to a those that can level their civilisation from orbit. Col Quatrich for president in 2xxx.

This movie makes me lose faith in humanity. Seriously kids will love this because they don't know any better but adults, you should definetly know better. A film like this doesn't have a place in the modern times. It is so backwards that it makes 80s action movies look positively utopian.

James Cameron's ego troll. Save the planet by dumping on it.


People!! Its just a movie!! Take some chillpills and relax.
comment #2927 Crazyjabberwock 19th Jun 10
^ the NOT stupid ones surely were most likely positive)))
comment #2978 21st Jun 10
^Well you sure explained in great detail why avatar is a good movie, not!! This movie was so boring and predictable to the point that i nearly left the cinema which i have never ever considered doing. This movie inspires stupidity like the bat shit insane navi kin. A more complex plot would have been actually showing two sides to colonisation like the dire state of the humans in more detail. But no this movie was way too simple and clean for a pretty complex issue. The simple fact is once you know what's out there you need to prepare youreself. The navi's inability to change their lifestyle or their tactics to respond to the humans meant it really should have been a massacre. But the navi are like no we'll go back to our simple life despite knowing their are alien aggressors and possible other advanced species. Some natives were near evil like the aztecs. So Sully's i will unite the seperate warring tribes is lol because their must be some big i.e. violent differences between the tribes. In fact maybe some of the tribes would have sided with the humans seeing as they just wanted to wipe out the big tree tribe .If earth needed unobtainium that badly they would have got it. So either they lied about unobtanium or they plan on another and greater offensive. Nostalgia critic hates tis movie too you know. Avatar had the subtlety of a train wreck with such aweful quotes "as we will fight terror with terror". Exactly what does terrorism have to do with this movie. Cameron is such a hollywood liberal that he makes ted turner look tame. The acting in this movie besides Steven Langdon and zoe sadanna was attrocius. Sully's "outstanding" made me shove my fist down my throat. Look for the rifftrax for avatar and you'll see how stupid this movie gets.
comment #2983 shinfernape 22nd Jun 10
^ Well, no doubt this movie inspired stupidity in YOU 8)) Saying stupid things like "more complex plot" as if having simple plot is inherently bad (not all movies rely on the plot to make the point). Making stupid assumptions about "dire state of the humans" - who said they aren't happy living in the junkyard? Hell, the only reason they're for unobtanium is even more efficient junkmaking))) Yet another stupid thing is thinking about the navi as complete equivalent of the human savages, while being part of the global superorganism means a whole new ball game on the cultural and social field. Especially when said superorganism responded for the external threat just fine, curing like with the like (and nicely subverting Mighty Whitey trope in the process))) So there's a lot of sublety really... yes, including mentioned terror quote: so you wonder what terrorism has to do with this movie, how about what "war on terror" had to do with Iraq (except provoking more)))
comment #2989 22nd Jun 10
A simple plot is bad for lacking the depth to describe sucha complex issue like i said. Well the dire state of the humans can be implied by sully's words that the inavders went back to their dying world. Also Sully mentions there is no green left on the planet. The navi were based heavily on earth natives they were a shoddy amalgam of american indians and native africans as show by the actors cast the looks and the mannersism. If they had such a real life bassis then they should have paid respect to that snd shown more angles to those issues. Its not so simple as duh we have many tribes who know each other but only meet when a special rider comes. This film is an abomination that can't even try tell something about hisory. A big point of sci fi is to take issues we have and package them in alien setting and play out the complexities of the matter. Cept avatar is dumb. The planet responding to the threat is lol because if it had graces memories then it would know a resitance would only give earth forces a reason to come back and burn the place down. The war on terror thing is stupid because the wars against the navvi is nothing like the iraq war. The war on terror isn't actually what the iraq war was about dumbass. The iraqis weren't terrorists. They launched a war to basicly to remove Suddam (one man) under the false assertations of wmds. It was the afghan war which was about terrorism you moron. Theres a dude on youtube redlettermedia he critiques avatar in a way even you understand.
comment #2994 shinfernape 22nd Jun 10
^ On the contrary, complex issues should be explained most simple way possible to keep things clear; complex plots are good for crime movies and such, not for epic films. And "the dying world" and "no green" don't necessarily imply dire state of the humans, as most humans now are very happy to live in huge dirty dead stone cities; besides no magic rock is going to solve environmental problems anyway, most likely make things worse. And if A is based on B does not mean A=B, it means A=B+C (and so it seems you don't take C into account thinking navi are no more than simple copy of earth natives). And who said tribes aren't meeting without special rider. And this film perfectly tells colonialism history in alien setting; well the outcome is different BECAUSE of setting being SO alien (to the point old earth tricks won't work there). Looks like Avatar is clever beyond your understanding. The planet dealt with the invasion in most effective way: not only human operations were stopped, but humans were divided between themselves which means great upheaval back on Earth when the news get there; it should know from graces memory that humans are not Planet-Blowing Evil Empire but politically divided bunch of groups and governments barely capable of reaching nearby stars with very little cargo. And of course iraqis weren't terrorists (furthermore, Saddam was mortal enemy of islamic radicals of all sorts) but operation Iraqi Freedom still was represented as a part of the War on Terror campaign, covered by false proclamation of wmd possibly being given to the terrorists; when the real reason was exactly as shown in the film: "when the people are sitting on the shit you want, you make them your enemy, then you justify taking it" - Saddam or not, all the same. Oh, and your idol on youtube is a jerk)))
comment #3008 23rd Jun 10
Again, JUST A MOVIE!!!
comment #3071 Crazyjabberwock 26th Jun 10
^ Practice what you preach. Ebert has had a lot to say about transformers 2, thus I also have a lot to say about this terrible movie. As i have said before,the nostalgia critic disliked this movie and it was torn to shreds by the rifftrax crew. Red Letter Media also spoke of his disdain of this movie. So I guess all of those people would be insane to then. I question your mental state for not having any evidence to back your stupid insults and then for me to take you seriously.
comment #3159 shinfernape 2nd Jul 10 (edited by: shinfernape)
^Yes yes all very nice and with very little evidence. As i said before I won't take someone seriously who makes his first directed statement as an insult. If you mean to attack my views on avatar then go into DETAILS. I mainly throw question onto the overall quality of the film. My interpretation of the themes of this movie reflect that I have put conscious thought into this movie (like my "walls of text" and how it could have been. Even then such thoughts can come immediately into my mind as I have seen such films as Dances with Wolves to know how such a film could have been well made. Again if you would be specific on your little criticism of my "poor reviews" then I might take that on board. But no, all I see is someone who likes to throw around insults and then covers their asses with half-asked apologies and unimpressive retorts.
comment #3165 2nd Jul 10
I spent the review talking about my complaints on avatar. Those other issues were drawn out throught the dicussion in the comments section. Quatrich is a well loved character as shown by his character page. Steven Langdon's good acting combined with the exaggerated feats and virility of Col Quatrich makes him endearing. Such personas still draw their opinions from their real life counterparts and are no less informed. Like Sfdebris's anaylsis of star trek episodes which are made to entertain but do not sacrifice the ability to accurately assess and review. Many reviewers make use of such comedic and other devices from the spill crew to charlie brooker. Not all reviews are stuffy and dry. You say my "rambling" lends to a flawed argument but once again you really don't elaborate.
comment #3167 shinfernape 2nd Jul 10
Please. Quaritch is a monster who murders innocent women and children for profit.
comment #3175 alcatrazz 2nd Jul 10
My question to the "nuk'em" crowd is that if you don't like the humans are bastards overtones, why prove them right?
comment #3216 Crazyjabberwock 3rd Jul 10
^ Revenge i guess. Plus explosions are cool. I think its more about navi arrogance and human pride. Humans don't want to lose to an inferior foe who won't acknowledge their superiority so in a final f**k you they just nuke them and say they deserved it. It's not like the navi culture offered the humans much anyway from the looks of the film. Also the nuk' em option is a detached form of violence. It is done from so far away under the control of a machine that its almost like an act of God, that a few people or even one person can just push that button. I think humans would feel the allure of being part of that act of God. It's kinda wierd to explain it but the power to destroy your enemies is sometimes all the justification you need in that you were right. Might makes right i guess.
comment #3224 shinfernape 4th Jul 10
To anyone wondering about language like "come get some", i'm pretty sure William Calley and his thugs said (not to mention did) much worse things in My Lai. And it really doesn't matter if it's private operation or not, it's really about operating in remote location, having madman in command and feeling of impunity.
comment #3324 10th Jul 10
It's amazing to se just how violently wall-of-text angry some people get when they feel they've been told to like something. I don't remember this much rage accomanying the release of Fern Gully, Pocahontas or The Last Samurai, so its clearly not the apparently terrible story alone that's making the Hatedom so batshit.
comment #4826 19th Oct 10
Internet wasn't around for Fern Gully or Pocahontas. I'm sure there would've been a massive shitstorm if it was.
comment #4834 Ramenth 20th Oct 10
Excuse me? You said that kids will love it because "they don't know any better". I am a child (early teen actually) and I hated this movie. But at least I can review it while capitalizing my I's.
comment #5104 ILoveDogs 11th Nov 10
I'm surprised two hours of flickering lights can make you lose faith in humanity, and perspective apparently.
comment #5183 victorinox243 21st Nov 10
^ Yes I forgot that movies accompany sound and that the so called lights are also used to create 3D images. "Flickering lights" didn't make me question the movie but it was the potrayal and translation of unorginal themes coming from this movie.

It was a very, very dumb predictable movie trying to be clever and have a message, and trying to say that message in over 2 hours. That for me atleast is excruciatingly painful.
comment #5197 shinfernape 21st Nov 10

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