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The Emporer has no clothes
Listen guys, I wanted to like this show. We all did. We all got hyped when we saw the trailers. "Monty Oum with his own series, backed by Roosterteeth? Shut up and take my money!"

Then, when it started airing, I got a little uncomfortable. Started trying to reassure myself that it would get better, that it just hadn't found its voice yet. "As soon as the fights start, it'll be alright..." But it was a TWO-MONTH WAIT for the first one, and I'd argue that we haven't yet seen another. Others might call that tussle in ep. 16 a "fight", but that's neither here nor there.

I already made most of my complaints known in my mid-season review, so I won't go into everything that I find wrong with the show. I'll just say that I spent a long time waiting for this show to get better, and I know that I am not alone. We desperately looked for improvements with a fine-toothed comb, latching on to anything that might, potentially, improve the show in some marginal degree. But I think, after four months, it's time to admit that the Emperor has no clothes. If we didn't know who was behind this show, we wouldn't watch it. There are tons of good shows that don't get half the opportunities that RWBY has had, and after a full season of riding off of Oum's hype, it's time to admit that it's not any good. Some people on here have said that it improved just barely enough to justify making more. This is something that I want to say, but I know, in my heart, that it would only be based off of Oum's reputation, and the belief (or hope) that he is capable of more. Looking at the work itself, independent of any outside influences, there's just not enough there. Those of you who think the show has improved: has it improved enough to make you buy the DVD? For the same price as a season of Red vs. Blue?


I don't think there's nearly enough signs that people are that wrong about their opinion, even if it clashes with yours. It hasn't improved enough for me to buy the DVD, then again I have never bought the DVD for any internet show and I won't
comment #22078 tomwithnonumbers 18th Nov 13
As in, I'm pretty sure everyone whose expressed an non-negative opinion has actually considered the possibility that the show was bad and decided it wasn't when they expressed that non-negative opinion
comment #22079 tomwithnonumbers 18th Nov 13
I don't think it's improved enough to be worth spending money on, but I do think it improved enough that if a second group of episodes gets made I'd probably watch it. There's a range of quality between "not worth watching" and "worth spending money on", and RWBY falls in there somewhere. And this is coming from a guy who hasn't seen Red vs. Blue and is only passingly familiar with Monty Oum.

Although it doesn't exactly bode well that 90% of the most interesting stuff was in the trailers.
comment #22083 JapaneseTeeth 18th Nov 13
I'll agree that there's a theoretical range between "not worth watching" and "worth spending money on", but in practice, that is a no-man's land for shows. True indie projects can exist there, but since this was backed by Roosterteeth, I'm pretty sure they expect some sort of return if they're going to greenlight a second season. The show's future may well rest on it not falling into that gap.
comment #22093 Scorpio3002 18th Nov 13
Right, but whether we enjoy it and give it non-negative reviews has nothing to do with it's financial viability right? Unless you're saying 'this is going to get cancelled so you should stop watching regardless of whether you enjoy it'
comment #22094 tomwithnonumbers 18th Nov 13
Not really. The first season of RVB is not something a lot of people have gotten. At least not by itself. They may by it packaged with the rest of the chronicles but it has very small individual sales.So compared to how it's predecessor started RWBY is doing really well. RWBY volume 1 sold out on Amazon just from preorders and they just restocked.It's soundtrack got to number 1 on Itunes, and it reached 2nd in popularity on Crunchyroll. Plus every single member of RT that was involved has said that sense the trailers started the response has been WAY more then they actually expected. None of them thought it would get this big. So by all rights it's been more successful then they could have hoped. Not to mention the fact that Monty and Miles have mentioned having plans up to the third season (while this volume was only the first half of the first). The shows future is not only assured, it's very likely there budget will be much bigger for next season.
comment #22095 darkcheetah 18th Nov 13

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