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Reviews Comments: Poor man's anime RWBY season review by susaga

The animation during the high action scenes cannot be considered bad by any means, and the character skills and personalities lend themselves greatly to a number of amazing shots. It makes it somewhat unfortunate that the first episode was able to appear flawed in animation during the downtime, which can be expected in balance to the high action that had just happened.

However, it has to be remembered that the majority of a show, even one appealing to action fans, will be downtime and the animation in these scenes still feels clunky and lifeless. The dialogue is clichéd and fairly unentertaining, with most characters modelled on a handful of tropes with little interesting usage. While justification for tropes and character development occurs, it tends to happen fairly late into the series long after a number of viewers would get bored and leave.

In the cases of some characters, they are only introduced as the series is ending, such as Penny or Sun Wukong, although created to be somewhat recurring characters. Given the episode lengths and the fact that two are often paired together, it can be assumed that the show was designed to be a 22 episode anime where only the first 8 were created for the first series. The application of anime episodes to typical webvideo length does not seem to work, as it leaves us with every other episode having a satisfying conclusion and a longer wait until character revelations.

To some, it is amazing, and several scenes can certainly justify this viewpoint, but to me, said scenes are far and few between. The work comes off as unoriginal, poorly focused and just a fair bit dull.


  • Scorpio3002
  • 16th Nov 13
A lot of people try to justify the show's faults by saying that the fight scenes make up for it. I respond: "What fight scenes?" Excluding the trailers, episode eight's was the only fight that made any lasting impression on me. I've seen every episode, and I literally don't remember any other fights.
  • omegafire17
  • 16th Nov 13
Well, there's fight scenes in Episodes 1, 5, 6, 8 10, 14 and 16 - pretty much all of which are animated very well, even if they're short. And frankly, those faults aren't as bad as people claim imo

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