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Reviews Comments: The series that made me cry Elfen Lied whole series review by Jakob

When i first came across this series, that is to say the Elfen Lied manga, i started reading because it had both gore and nudity in healthy doses. What made me stay throughout the entire series was the characters and the incredible sympathy i felt for them. This series took it's characters, made me like them and sympathize with them, made me feel about them almost as i would a human, only to torture them physically and mentally way past physical and mental pain and right into downright mental instability. This series dispensed immediate and horrible judgment on ( almost ) every character that had even a glimpse of hope and good in them. This series did to me what no other work had before it and what no other work have after it. It made me cry in sympathy with these fictional characters. And i loved it for that.

So I didn't enjoy Elfen Lied because I liked the violence, the nudity, the artwork or the story. I enjoyed it so because it made it's characters are individuals I could relate to and sympathize with, rather than some characters in a fictional work that ripped each others heads of and striped regularly. To me, Elfen Lied will always have a unique place among my favorite works, as the one that accomplished what no other has.

Jakob, June 18th, 2010.

PS. Yeah, i am aware that it says June 17th at the top of the review. Tvtropes just don't seem to consider a review posted half past midnight the night to the 18th as, in fact, posted on the 18th.


  • 29th Jul 10

  • sabrina_diamond
  • 9th May 11
I enjoyed the series too and I felt sad for Nyuu/Lucy/Kaede's fate, though the anime cliffhanger left me going 'whaa?'

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