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Reviews Comments: Decent Show w/ Annoying Leads Regular Show whole series review by Kajin

I like Regular Show. It's funny and the characters are usually interesting. Pops is also pure gold.

But there's one main gripe I have with the show. It's two main characters Mordecai and Rigby are the world's two worst employees, somehow managing to stay employed in spite of continuously providing reasons for why they should NOT be employed. They ditch work to grab coffee. They ditch work to play games. They ditch work because they just don't want to work. They're constantly late, staying up late into the night throwing parties on company property when they know they should be up early. And when they actually DO perform their job, they almost never do it right. Rake the leaves? They missed most of them. Clean up the trash? There's even more there now then when they started. Clean out the fountain? The fountain gets destroyed.

I honestly say I hate the both of them.

But Pops is worth it. Watch this show for Pops. I do.


  • AfroWarrior27
  • 13th Apr 14
So you hate slackers?
  • Wackd
  • 13th Apr 14
Benson has somehow broken into our universe.
  • marcellx
  • 13th Apr 14
So you want a show where Mordecai and Rigby uneventfully do their menial park tasks?
  • Austin
  • 15th Apr 14
With the way this show is, doing menial tasks would probably still lead to the end of the universe.
  • marcellx
  • 15th Apr 14
Actually they almost never seen to get in trouble at work if they do things that they were suppose to and how they were suppose to.
  • seg162
  • 1st May 14
Isn't there a trope for that? There was at least one time that I remember where they did all their work for the day and actually did the work well.
  • Kajin
  • 27th Aug 14
@ Afro Warrior 27 Of course. Why wouldn't I hate someone who goes way the hell out of their way to avoid responsibility?

@ marcellx No. I just want a show that isn't about two morons who never get what's coming to them. Mordecai and Rigby are Karma Houdini's who should rightfully have been fired after the first week of work. Seriously, more often than not they do more work trying to keep from doing work. I don't want a show about doing menial tasks but you could cut out most of the crap where they ditch work and still have a mostly coherent story. It serves no purpose other than to demonstrate what huge assholes the two main characters are.

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