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Reviews Comments: I love it when a plan comes together. The A Team film/book review by Caswin

But a hundred? You could warn a guy.

Now, I did enjoy this movie. A lot. A few caveats up front, though: First, be prepared for a high-end Thirty Xanatos Pileup spread through a mere two hours — or for you non-tropers in the audience, a web of half a dozen people trying to outsmart each other. If you don't see it coming — and come on, it's a movie about The A-Team! — the plot starts to get downright confusing about halfway through.

Second, Face is a jerk. Seriously. I didn't like Face at all. Face is supposed to be charming, right? Because he lost me in his first minute or so of screen time (though what comes next is funnier for it) and his "romance" with the only major female character (Caveat 2.5: Bechdel Test failed.) is irritating.

Third, if the rumors are true about Mr. T turning down a cameo due to the movie's violence and (to a point) sex compared to the show... well, I can see it.

All that having been said? This is an extremely fun movie. Most of it is a vehicle for its heroes (fun characters, most of them) to perform feat after feat of derring-do that make the audience laugh and cheer, and it is good at it. Cheapening of the term aside, I can't help noticing that The A-Team's page here is missing a Crowning Moment Of Awesome page. For shame, tropers. Fortunately, I see this changing in the near future, because this movie is loaded with them by design. The show should follow.

By the way, I've never seen an episode of the show all the way through. I just know that some confusion aside, I liked this movie.


  • 20th Oct 10
"By the way, I've never seen an episode of the show all the way through. "

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