Reviews Comments: Legend of Korra: It's all about Korra (Final Edit for the Finale, limited spoilers)

Legend of Korra: It's all about Korra (Final Edit for the Finale, limited spoilers)
There are four ways to look at the series:

1. You can constantly compare it to the original

2. You can enjoy the series as a expansion of the original

3. You can enjoy it for its own merits

4. All the (or any combination) above

I have always been partial to the second, however I think the show is supposed to be looked at through the third. Unlike the previous series which was also about world building and balanced some time with the deuteragonist(s); Korra's story essentially states that "if you aren't relevant to Korra's journey then you don't really matter".

My passive aggressive summary:

Book 1: Aang makes one of his few appearances and gives Korra energybending, her other three elements, and the Avatar state. Because... she earned it by crying?

Book 2: Events from Book 1 (the equalist movement) were handled off screen. Korra transforms into a giant spirit being because, according to Tenzin, Korra's spirit is super powerful regardless of Raava (or the "Have you seen these?" past lives). No reason given, just accept that Korra is TEH AWESOMEST EVUR!!!1!!!11! (or fanwank something).

Book 3: Screw the new Air-benders, or how other nations are handling Harmonic convergence, Korra feels sad because of her failures.

Book 4: Address Book 3's circumstances (the Red Lotus and the infrastructure of republic city) off screen. Ignore everything that's happened or any other character, Korra has a "special" friend. Oh and there was a ceremony or something too.

Personally, I don't think Korra herself was particularly interesting (though she had/has a lot of potential). Mostly because I think they played her too safe when distinguishing her from Aang. Korra still ended up being a level-headed, spiritually strong Avatar. So what's the difference? Korra is a special-snow flake, end of story.

Overall, the finale was disappointing; which, for me, ruined the rest of the series.


Seconded on the "tradition=evil" thing (these writers are capable of much more nuanced, intelligent thematic stuff), Tenzin's siblings, and stoic/aloof Mako. This book has a lot of potential; I hope they don't squander it.
comment #21223 MrMaestro 21st Sep 13
I,for one,am glad they got rid of stoic mako
comment #21226 LC 21st Sep 13
Ironically non-stoic Mako actually acts more like Bolin.
comment #21227 son 21st Sep 13
Edited review!!!!
comment #22039 son 16th Nov 13
When Raava said they couldn't be destroyed, she meant in a permanent way: even if Raava did kill Vaatu, he would just grow inside her for another 10,000 years before bursting out again, and vice-versa. And considering that Vaatu seems not to be aware of this, she must have won every Harmonic Convergence, which if going by Vaatu's '10,000 lifetimes' comment... [[Understatement she knows from experience.]]

So the result is, Vaatu will return, but way after Korra's time.

And LC, they haven't gotten rid of him, just the relationship angle XD
comment #22163 omegafire17 21st Nov 13
At least Mako gets called out for his being a douchbag and on another subject:Verrick is awesome!!!
comment #22388 LC 4th Dec 13
edited a final time
comment #27374 son 18th Dec 14
Oh dear....I need to catch up.
comment #27400 RyochiMayeabara 19th Dec 14
Also thank you for addressing these problems with the other seasons. These are key problems which bring it down for me but I still enjoy it regardless since I still feel that books 3 and 4 were a massive improvement (even though they still had their fair share of flaws).

And yeah korra could have been a much more interesting character had they handled her better and not focus more on that painfully bad love triangle. It just shows how much potential this series completely wastes.
comment #27401 RyochiMayeabara 19th Dec 14
Unless I looked over a rule against editing a review, I'd like to know why this was flagged.
comment #27432 son 20th Dec 14
Butthurt fans dude.
comment #27443 RyochiMayeabara 20th Dec 14

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