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Reviews Comments: New Edit: They should have just owned it The Legend Of Korra whole series review by son

I was originally planning on making a sock puppet account to post this review.

I'm still not happy with the series, in light of the finale. However, instead of complaining about the problems, I will present a solution.

Since Bryke, especially with the last two books, wanted to emphasize more political conflicts. I'd make things more realistic. The Avatar's decisions will not always be popular, however an unpopular decision isn't necessarily a bad one.

Here are my complaints and how I'd like to see them addressed:

One point is that Korra, while she has matured, isn't a particularly wise Avatar . Though she isn't necessarily a failed one. Korra's inaction (whether voluntary or otherwise) has led the world to adapt without the Avatar's presence.

B1 While Korra stopped Amon, she wasn't a part of the process to elect Raiko.

B2 While Korra defeated Unavaatu and left the spirit portals open, she wasn't a part of republic city's infrastructure being rebuilt. Nor was she concerned about the other nations reacting to harmonic convergence.

B3 Korra was sick and the air-nomads had to take over.

B4 Republic city is in ruins, a new spirit portal is unlocked. The Earth Kingdom's government needs to be rebuilt from the bottom up. Korra has just gotten past her three year rehab, and decides to go on vacation.

Compare Korra to the anti-Bush complaints when he flew over Katrina, or when he remained at the elementary school during 9-11. Or the "Obama golfs/vacations too much" or him saying he found out about the conflicts of his administration through news sources from CNN, and not the white house. Most of Korra's in-story opponents came off as more flippant (Toph, Raiko, her "approval ratings", etc) or evil (Unalaq, Amon, the Red Lotus, Kuvira). None of them were rational, though they could have been.

The biggest missed plot point, in light of Korra's inaction, was her preference of republic city. In her defense, it could be argued that republic city represents the four nations, therefore she only needs to concern herself with that place. On the other hand, the Earth Kingdom was being ruled by a despot, we don't see the fire nation, and apparently the Southern Water tribe is more advanced than the North.

Should Korra be concerned about these issues? The answer shouldn't be clear. But the question should be asked.


  • MrMaestro
  • 21st Sep 13
Seconded on the "tradition=evil" thing (these writers are capable of much more nuanced, intelligent thematic stuff), Tenzin's siblings, and stoic/aloof Mako. This book has a lot of potential; I hope they don't squander it.
  • LC
  • 21st Sep 13
I,for one,am glad they got rid of stoic mako
  • son
  • 21st Sep 13
Ironically non-stoic Mako actually acts more like Bolin.
  • son
  • 16th Nov 13
Edited review!!!!
  • omegafire17
  • 21st Nov 13
When Raava said they couldn't be destroyed, she meant in a permanent way: even if Raava did kill Vaatu, he would just grow inside her for another 10,000 years before bursting out again, and vice-versa. And considering that Vaatu seems not to be aware of this, she must have won every Harmonic Convergence, which if going by Vaatu's '10,000 lifetimes' comment... [[Understatement she knows from experience.]]

So the result is, Vaatu will return, but way after Korra's time.

And LC, they haven't gotten rid of him, just the relationship angle XD
  • LC
  • 4th Dec 13
At least Mako gets called out for his being a douchbag and on another subject:Verrick is awesome!!!
  • son
  • 18th Dec 14
edited a final time
  • RyochiMayeabara
  • 19th Dec 14
Oh dear....I need to catch up.
  • RyochiMayeabara
  • 19th Dec 14
Also thank you for addressing these problems with the other seasons. These are key problems which bring it down for me but I still enjoy it regardless since I still feel that books 3 and 4 were a massive improvement (even though they still had their fair share of flaws).

And yeah korra could have been a much more interesting character had they handled her better and not focus more on that painfully bad love triangle. It just shows how much potential this series completely wastes.
  • son
  • 20th Dec 14
Unless I looked over a rule against editing a review, I'd like to know why this was flagged.
  • RyochiMayeabara
  • 20th Dec 14
Butthurt fans dude.
  • son
  • 4th Feb 15
New Edit... again.

This is a bit different

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