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Book Spirits: Reached A:TLA greatness (spoilers)
I caught a lot of flack for criticizing it before, now after watching the season finale of Book Spirits on I can now say Legend of Korra lives up to its predecessor.

Korra is a fully realized Avatar and has actually matured in this season. Retouching on things hinted at vaguely in Book Earth, showing the true power of the Avatar spirit, Cosmic Energy.

How she won the last battle isn't really described though (Vaatu was disintegrated but we learn that he and Raava cannot be destroyed). I would WMG that it's supposed to be vague enough for Vaatu to return again in some form.

They leave a lot of possibilities for the next story by opening the portal between the human and spirit worlds. Perhaps now she can talk to even the "disconnected" spirits on their own terms (I won't spoil too much).

Shipping News:

Sorry Makorra fans, but this was hinted at when we found out about Lin and Tenzin breaking up. This actually adds a dimension of realism to the show as well. Aang and Katara were pretty much a fluke, in that they stayed together since their teen/preteen years.

(Bolin X Korra 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!)

If you're impatient like me, watch it on before they remove it. Otherwise, wait until Friday.
Seconded on the "tradition=evil" thing (these writers are capable of much more nuanced, intelligent thematic stuff), Tenzin's siblings, and stoic/aloof Mako. This book has a lot of potential; I hope they don't squander it.
comment #21223 MrMaestro 21st Sep 13
I,for one,am glad they got rid of stoic mako
comment #21226 LC 21st Sep 13
Ironically non-stoic Mako actually acts more like Bolin.
comment #21227 son 21st Sep 13
Edited review!!!!
comment #22039 son 16th Nov 13
When Raava said they couldn't be destroyed, she meant in a permanent way: even if Raava did kill Vaatu, he would just grow inside her for another 10,000 years before bursting out again, and vice-versa. And considering that Vaatu seems not to be aware of this, she must have won every Harmonic Convergence, which if going by Vaatu's '10,000 lifetimes' comment... [[Understatement she knows from experience.]]

So the result is, Vaatu will return, but way after Korra's time.

And LC, they haven't gotten rid of him, just the relationship angle XD
comment #22163 omegafire17 21st Nov 13
At least Mako gets called out for his being a douchbag and on another subject:Verrick is awesome!!!
comment #22388 LC 4th Dec 13
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