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Short, but sweet.
I didn't find FLCL to be as chaotic or as mind screwy as people make it out to be. It reminded me of Looney Tunes to quite an extent, not that that's a bad thing. In fact, beyond the general art style used for most scenes, and the Japanese voice acting and names; it reminded me much more of an american cartoon than your typical Japanese anime, with its wacky, over the top slapstick humour, and an altogether fragile, if not non-existent, Fourth Wall.

I would perhaps not recommend this as a way of introducing others to anime, although those familiar with shows like Futurama or South Park shouldn't find anything especially difficult about it; however, ones viewership experience may be greatly improved simply by some background knowledge of Gainax and some general knowledge and interest of nerd culture, both within the anime fandom and otherwise. In fact, I found a lot of the humour to stem from general Gainax nerdiness, as that is really what it is, a celebration of all things nerdy. From the guitars to the cars to the references to other works, everything about FLCL spouts a glorious fountain of nerdiness, and I appreciate that. A great example of such nerdiness would surely be a line heard in one particular scene, namely:

"It's a Gibson EB-0, the 1961 model!"

Yeah... This IS a nerd fest.

The soundtrack wasn't amazing like everyone says it is, but it was pleasant enough and went with the show, and the closing theme is pretty awesome, but I can't say I shall be rushing out to buy The Pillows entire discography any time soon.

Still, very much worth my 10.93, 9.23, $14.77, 1471.04, MXN$188.73, AUD$15.74, ₹919.01, or whatever the value is in any other currency you happen to understand the best. There was little beyond a few relatively mild comedic sex references and occasional scenes of smoking to render FLCL inappropriate in any real way for children, although parents may wish to watch FLCL beforehand to decide whether or not they feel it is suitable for younger children.

I must also mention the dub, as it is absolutely excellent, and this is coming from someone who could fairly be described as a dub hater. In fact, I would go so far as to recommend the dub OVER the sub, which is really quite an achievement in my book.

Talks too much about FLCL to be a review of FLCL
comment #21206 ElectricNova 20th Sep 13
FLCL can talk about itself so I can talk about it. That's the least that can be said for [REDACTED].
comment #21225 porschelemans 21st Sep 13
Updated after second viewing.
comment #21236 porschelemans 23rd Sep 13
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