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Reviews Comments: What happens when you take a horrible, Pretentious Series and proceed to make it awesome Via Warhammer Shinji And Warhammer 40 K episode/issue review by Kou The Mad

Like my title say's, this is basically what happens when you take a terrible, horrible, VERY PRETENTIOUS franchise, and proceed to inject Warhammer 40 into the Main Character's Childhood, which in turn makes the Main Character into a Magnificent Bastard, make another, emotionless character......well what happens to her is too good to spoil, and proceed to make an' Franchise i DESPISE into a story I couldn't stop reading for a while. The Writing itself ain't bad.


  • kay4today
  • 11th Jun 13
I guess it's fun if you don't like the NGE characters (considering those in the fic are nothing like the ones in NGE) and are an AWESUM-tard.
  • MaidenV
  • 11th Jun 13
"Yeah you know this story is like, good you know. Its like wicked awesome and stuff like. Evangelion sucks bro, you gotta check this story out its so good."

great review 10/10

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