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06:38:52 AM Oct 25th 2012
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  • Cyclops after Avengers Vs X-Men. Murdered Professor X in cold blood and refuses to show any legitimate remorse over it and LAUGHS at Beast when his former best friend confronts him with the fact that most of the "new" mutants created at the end of storyline will face hellish lives of persecution at the hands of their former friends and family. Scott does not care about people having their lives ruined or feel guilt over murdering the man who was like a father to him. Indeed, the only reason he is still in jail is that Scott now sees himself as a "political prisoner" like Magneto, not because he feels guilt over his crimes.
    • The entire Phoenix Five came out of Av X as horrible horrible people that when given the power of God, created hell on Earth for everyone. Magik and Colossus oversaw bringing hell to earth literally, to imprison the Avengers in hellish prisons and teleporting Rogue (who saw Magik had created a demon version of the man who raped Ms Marvel to torture her) into another dimension to keep Rogue from presenting this evil to the rest of the X-Men to get them to turn against the Phoenix Five. Magik also revealed that she willfully manipulated Colossus months earlier into becoming the new Juggernaut simply to damn his soul, having grown tired of his idolization of her as an "innocent snowflake" and wanted to make his as dirty and corrupt as she was. Her reaction to Colossus's horror was similar to the reaction of Cyclops to Beast over Xavier's death: it was worth it because she got what she wanted (her brother being damned). Colossus himself killed countless whales to experiment on them being land creatures while not giving them the ability to breathe on land; he also threatened to murder all of the students at the Jean Grey Institute AND Kitty Pryde (telling her that he could kill her and then resurrect her as many times as he saw fit) when Kitty would not abandon Wolverine's side and and become his wife. Cyclops held Hope against her will (while telling her she was "wasn't a prisoner") and ended up destroying countless cities across the globe before being stopped. Emma Frost conspired with Namor to scorch earth Wakanda, killing thousands of innocents simply because the Avengers were staying in the country. Emma also forced the X-Men at Utopia to bow down and worship her as a god and threatened violence against Cannonball when she found out that he was THINKING that she was completely out of her mind.

This Wall of Text is an awful example that rambles for no reason. Second, the Example Indentation is wrong. Third, you are not supposed to add Complete Monster examples without going through here.
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