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12:38:05 AM May 4th 2014
Just a thought: This article needs some SERIOUS work, not because it's magnificently neglected or super-thin on the ground with regard to the meat of it all, but because its edits are seriously biased in terms of how the article's been historically edited. It's plain to see that the people doing the bulk of the editing are very young and don't get the gist of the movie because they can't see past their own personal world views as young people. Unfortunately this is where TV Tropes' preponderance of young editors/"tropers" fails the subject of an article and fails in a BIG way. This article needs more of an older "voice" to it, from people who can understand the viewpoints of the protagonists and the whole POINT of the movie, who will retool the article and YMMV spaces to better serve the subject of the article. Or, failing that, perhaps some young people who are more open-minded and less stuck on the idea that "young" should automatically equal "good" (or "I should root for that") could do this article justice. Because it's seriously, seriously failing in that regard right now.
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