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YMMV: The First Wives Club
  • Acceptable Targets: Younger women, almost every one of whom is portrayed badly. And men, of course.
    • Annie's daughter is portrayed pretty positively and Annie's therapist is only a few years younger than Annie. Diane Keaton and Marcia Gaye Harden are not that far apart in age.
  • Awesome Music: "You Don't Own Me".
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: As of 2013, all the Younger Women are in their forties and even their fifties, the same age our dumped protagonists are.
  • Hollywood Pudgy: Brenda obsesses over her weight in several scenes and is taunted about it by her ex's new girlfriend, when she couldn't be anymore than a size 10 or 12. It's particularly glaring in one scene where's she's thrilled at finally losing some weight, yet looks precisely as she has throughout the movie.
  • Hollywood Thin: Shelly. Brenda snidely comments that "the bulimia has certainly paid off" in reference to her skinless, as though she's unhealthily thin when she really isn't.
  • Memetic Mutation: "I beat Meryl!" When Jennifer Lawrence quoted this after winning a Golden Globe over Meryl Streep, some people (including Lindsay Lohan) thought she was insulting the other actress; she had to explain the joke on a late night show.
  • Unfortunate Implications: There isn't a single young woman in this movie who isn't portrayed as a gold-digging, airheaded tramp, fully deserving of the verbal abuse that is constantly hurled at them, which is of course, played for laughs and/or seen as perfectly acceptable. About the only younger woman given any intelligence is Annie's therapist, and even then, she's still a rotten person—extremely unethical and manipulative: she's been having an affair with the husband of her patient while all the time having considerable sway over Annie.
    • Curious that Annie never took revenge on her therapist, considering all she would have to do is report her and subsequently ruin her career.
    • Additionally, the four men are made to be the villains in the divorce proceedings, even though NONE of them are pulling the stunts that the wives are. This film may been seen as approaching Lifetime Movie OF The Week-levels of "women as victims/heroines and men as villains."
      • Brenda's husband left her and her son destitute while he buys designer clothes for his mistress, Elise husband is trying to take half her money and Annie's husband tricked her into sex one last time before leaving her for her own therapist so its hardly unfair to depict these men as villains (and Brenda's husband redeems himself at the end proving not to be all bad)
      • That and they called themselves out on it, saying that revenge and pulling stunts like that would never actually get them what they wanted.

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