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06:20:47 AM Feb 25th 2012
For some the Soundtrack Dissonance at the ending makes it even more of a Tear Jerker. Compare it to the Angel Beats! anime finale. In both, a sadly beautiful, but otherwise hopeful song puntuates the passing of someone important. It drives home the agonizing feeling that even though the world is going on as it should, the grieving are going to be left behind. And then it gets worse!
07:49:40 AM Feb 15th 2012
edited by arcanedude34
I cleaned up the YMMV page a bit. Anyone who's more experienced than I in these matters, feel free to revert if I went too far.
02:54:54 AM Feb 11th 2012
edited by NonoRobot
Edit war in the YMMV section. This edit war is creating a paradox about Mog's tropes existence. Is Mog a Base Breaker, The Scrappy or both ? Please discuss, resolve this issue, solve the paradoxe and change the future !
02:57:46 AM Feb 11th 2012
Imo, it's the YMMV section. Both entries are correct in their own right, and I see no problem with them co-existing. That's what the YMMV section if for, right ?
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