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09:40:32 AM Oct 25th 2013
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(For reference, the entry: Not to mention, when the game was FINALLY released on the Virtual Console, rather than rejoice about how they finally got their wish of it being on the virtual console, what did fans do? Complain about the ten dollar / seven euro price tag. Never mind one, it comes with a digitized strategy guide, two, that consumers back in the day paid much much more for that, and on top of all that, a physical copy of the game in 2013 would be within the range of $350-400. )

I "felt" it necessary to offer rebuttals on the second entry under Fan Dumb, but since I don't want to push it when adding entries, I'll do so here. I'm likely not as in tune with the fandom as the person who added this entry, but it seems extremely inaccurate that the bulk of the fandom was complaining and not celebrating, if the initial forum reaction is considered. As for the rebuttals:
  • Complaints about the prices of Virtual Console games have been around since the Wii, regardless of "how much they cost back in the day or now". I don't think that represents a large amount of the EarthBound fandom.
  • If anything, the complaint about the $10 price point might be because the majority of Super Nintendo VC games are priced at $8. Sure, to most people with a game console, $2 might not be that big of deal, but it is still kind of odd, especially given the history surrounding the game and its fans.
  • Arguments about the value of digital strategy guides with the advent of sites like GameFAQs aside, the EarthBound guide is accessible by all on the website, and is not tied into the sale of the digital game.
  • Seems kind of contradictory to use "what they paid for it back then" and "what you'd have to pay for it now" in the same argument, especially because of the gross difference between the two, but then I might just be picking nits on this one.
  • The bigger complaint I saw among the fans was the fact that it was exclusive to the Wii U. Considering that the Japanese Wii Virtual Console had EarthBound/Mother 2- which was another point of the contention for the fans, especially when the demo to said game was replaced in Super Smash Brothers Brawl when it left Japan- one would almost think that Nintendo held the game for ransom to get rabid fans to buy their newest console. Furthermore, this puts the price point of EarthBound at $260 for people who don't have a Wii U, which is comparable to the prices of the used SNES cartridges.
  • While there's no way to know for sure, judging by the fact that EarthBound became the #1 seller on the Wii U Shop, I'd say the fans put their money where their mouth is. I would imagine that even people who complained about the price point still did so, and I wouldn't be surprised if some fans bought the Wii U to show support for the series. I know I bought it on VC despite owning the SNES cartridge, and I bet other people did the same.

So really, the second Fan Dumb entry comes off to me as someone b****ing about a few complaints on a forum and passing it off as a large opinion.
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