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06:59:15 AM Apr 9th 2018
I think the gushing removal is going a bit overboard.
07:18:18 AM Apr 9th 2018
If I add back toned down things (like I was there, people did like it better post pilot) and citations of Doug and company missing it, would that be okay?
05:30:16 PM Apr 9th 2018
edited by Beatman1
The Channel Awesome pages in general are due for massive prunings as per the forum topic on removing gushing. “Doug said” IMO does not warrant the use of the Tropes, most of the reaction to the show was negative, and there’s a lot of natter and the like. For the sake of avoiding an Edit War, why do you think it’s overboard? Demo Reel is remembered as a massive flop.
05:37:20 PM Apr 9th 2018
Okay, but the additions are toned way down, and it's what he thinks/has acknowledged that fans think.
05:44:28 PM Apr 9th 2018
I agree, I think the removal is too extreme. Regardless of recent events and reveals, some fans still enjoyed the show when it aired and enjoyed the acknowledgements from Doug about personal topics. Removing all evidence of the positive comments between fans and actors seems a bit harsh to me. There is plenty of positivity on this site for movies and tv shows that are considered "massive flops," financial success is not the scale used to determine whether something is worthy of fans here.
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