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06:14:35 PM Jul 25th 2012
edited by Freezer
  • Idiot Plot: The second trilogy only works because everyone abides by Honor Before Reason and plays by the rules. The Contrary Citizens and Adverse Adepts are completely overmatched, due to the Book of Magic and Oracle Computer, but the good guys agree to let the fate of the world be settled by games and competitions anyway, instead of simply dictating terms of surrender to their enemies.

Cut this because it wasn't true: Lady Blue explained to Agape (in Fleta's body) that despite having the Book of Magic on their side, Stile and his allies were at a stalemate. Stile and Trool (by virtue of being the Book's guardian) were the two most powerful Adepts, the Adverse Adepts outnumbered them (and their other Adept ally, Brown), the numerical advantage negating the individual power gap. One assumes the situation is similar on Photon.

A game changer didn't really come along until Mach and Bane entered the stage. And by the time they came into their own full powers, they'd already agreed to work for the Adverse/Contrary side.

Besides, for this to be an Idiot Plot, they'd have to keep acting like idiots the whole time.
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