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09:16:03 PM Jan 17th 2016
5'9 and 309 lbs isn't really zero content if you know human anatomy and athletics. Men of that frame and musculature tend to tire easily, so mighty glacier automatically indicates GAINA is the type to save his stamina.

Okay, if you don't know what numbers on the imperial scales represent you'll be confused but that's not the same thing as zero context. Wrestling fans who do know what the numbers mean can automatically work the rest out by themselves. It's ingrained in their heads, the weights of the wrestlers being called every time they come out for a match and GAINA being the standard height pro wrestlers have been since the JWA days.
12:16:33 AM Jan 18th 2016
Zero-Context Example is not about its title, it's about examples in general that don't explain enough for people not familiar with the work.
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