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04:01:28 PM Mar 13th 2016
Bleach entry: Even if this entry is kept, it's violating Example Indentation, so will need to properly added back to the page:

  • The Shinigami have a special detachment called the Kido Corps, a secretive group that specializes in developing Kido. They do very little throughout the series, and it's unknown who the current leader is. Even when the Vandenreich invade Soul Society—twice—the Kido Corps are nowhere to be seen.

The problem with the Kido Corps is that they've never been used in the story, ever. The captain and lieutenant of the Kido Corps have been used in the storyline, but not the unit itself.

The Kido Corps unit itself, however, has never been used. In interviews, and databook supplements, Kubo keeps saying that the Kido Corps has a secret duty that isn't public knowledge. Whether or not he'll ever bring that into the storyline is completely unknown, but the Kido Corps have never been dropped from the storyline because they've never been used.

Since the only two characters from the Kido Corps that have been used have also not been dropped (they do suffer from Out of Focus for long periods), they're also not this trope.

The Kido Corps isn't the only unit that has never been used in the story. The Special Ops is split into five units, but we've never seen the Fourth Unit. In the same interviews and databooks, Kubo has stated that unit also has a secret duty, but we again don't know anything more. We also never see anything from the other Special Ops units beyond the Communications Unit. They haven't been listed on this trope as an example (nor should they be).
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