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08:11:36 AM Nov 6th 2012

* WeCouldHaveAvoidedAllThis: That Painting Bessie got from the mail.

Trope was renamed to Could Have Avoided This Plot due to misuse, but there's not enough context in this example to tell how (or even if) it applies.

If Could Have Avoided This Plot is appropriate, please expand on the entry so those who haven't seen the show can see how the trope is used.
10:18:22 AM Jun 9th 2011
I noticed this page could use some sprucing up. This is a highly underrated and obscure gem of cartoon, and the evolution into later episodes of the series are incredible. It started off so mundane yet goes completely over-the-top in just about every episode in the second season, so there's quite a few tropes to document from this.
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