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11:24:22 PM Nov 27th 2012
I don't know if whoever edits this page ever looks at the discussions, but I wanted to give a FYI. "Curse of the Were-Rabbit" isn't the only (or even the first) film to feature a vegetarian monster. "Bunnicula" (from the children's book series about a vampire rabbit) was an ABC Afterschool Special and released on video in 1989.
08:41:07 PM Nov 28th 2012
Not that I'm the person who said it in the first place, but I'm not sure "Bunnicula" would count.

For one thing, is a half-hour TV special a film?

Less trivially, I don't think Bunnicula counts as a vegetarian monster in the same way the Were-Rabbit does. From what I remember, in "Bunnicula" 'vegetarian' and 'monster' are conflicting attributes: the characters who accept that Bunnicula only attacks vegetables don't consider him a monster, and the character who considers Bunnicula a monster does so because he doesn't believe Bunnicula won't attack people as well. "Curse of the Were-Rabbit" is still, as far as I know, the only horror film in which a monster is hated and feared because it's a vegetarian.
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