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01:30:26 AM Sep 26th 2014
You think the demon clan CAN get along?
05:58:28 AM Mar 14th 2012

Shendu is the Man Behind the Man to Valmont, Valmont obeys his orders and their plans.
03:28:18 PM Jul 22nd 2011
edited by thevisualboy37
I seem to recall an episode where Jade and Jackie get on a reality TV series, sort of like Survivor. Their opponents are from Germany, and Jade manages to get them away by telling them their schnitzel is in danger of being stolen. In another episode from the same season, Jade steals the Rooster Talisman (for whatever reason) and says, "Cock-a-doodle-how-do-you-do?" I believe the season had something to do with finding marks on the ground and having to destroy them to stop demons from being summoned, but the Wikis and episodes are telling me nothing about this. Would someone help me out here?

EDIT: Saw the first one already, was totally wrong about the plot for that season. Disregard and do not answer... um, how can I delete this?
12:09:30 PM Jun 23rd 2011
I have a Headscratcher of my own. If Dragon can steal the power of residual demon chi of the immortal weapons, why didn't he go after the Sword of the immortals when he lost his powers?
03:36:04 PM Aug 19th 2011
Dunno, but I'll make a Headscratcher page and move this and the other one over.
09:13:58 AM Apr 6th 2011
Since there isn't a It Just Bugs Me! page I'll ask here. In the episode where Finn (of the enforcers) gets a shawdowkhan mask stuck to the seat of his pants, why doesn't he realize that he can pull the pants down to use the bathroom?
01:33:28 PM Jun 20th 2011
Because that STILL means he's exposing himself to a demon general. Er, oni general. Same diff.

Now for my own thought of a Trope: UST. Is it just me, or did the "actions" between older Jade and Draco look like the bickerings of a couple of jilted lovers? Even when he escapes he acts the same way to the younger Jade, singling her out a good deal in the beginning of the last season.
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