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01:34:29 PM Sep 18th 2015
The "Batteries Not Included" entry:

The linked article itself is NOT a trope, yet I'm sure there's a trope page for the situation referenced. Can someone find what it is (I couldn't), and fix the entry?
06:27:42 PM Apr 1st 2011
Why does no one call Fang or Dave"Princess Fang" or "Prince Dave"?They are apart of the royal family;it just seems strange that only Candy was referred to as a princess.Fang probably would hate the title princess but then again she could hold the title of warrior princess.
10:53:14 AM Jun 10th 2011
edited by hayleychaotix
Because none of them really act like it maybe? Or because they're more warriors (or supposed to be warriors in Dave's case)? Or simply because it would sound too formal in the show and doesn't play much of a point in the plot?
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