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03:49:10 AM Apr 9th 2013
The section "Paranormal Mystery Squad has the following tropes (Vol 1 and 2)" is almost an exact duplicate of the Paranormal Mystery Squad page. (The latter has had some additional edits.)

Do we want to merge the edits from PMS into VC and then turn PMS into a redirect?
10:15:57 AM Nov 12th 2012
There was an Art Shift for Vampire Cheerleaders once it merged with Paranormal Mystery Squad—they went from a cutesy manga-style like Aoi House to a more gritty comic feel to embrace the series it merged with.

Also, it could be argued Stephanie became Ms. Fanservice to do a shout out to Samus Aran from Metroid so she could weaken Leonard's resolve. Charlotte then cosplayed as Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII, and dropped some "Goddess Power" in the form of Sexy Shiva, Mighty Isis and Ominous Oya (who reminded this troper of the late 80's Storm with a mohawk). One can almost envy Leonard, though he's praying for forgiveness (his fidelity to the V Cs is strongly tested, and he DID fill in for Lori in Vegas for the competition)
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