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08:02:55 PM Aug 24th 2011
edited by Stonehawk
Regarding Freefall, "It's not bestiality if she's smarter than you," Let's take a moment to look at *why* bestiality is wrong: Nonsapient Animals are Incapable of Giving Informed Consent. This is because they are, by definition of being nonsapient, incapable of BEING informed, OR incapable of articulating consent, if not BOTH.

It would be just as wrong to engage in the same sort of behavior with a creature that is genetically 100% HUMAN but has the cognitive capacity of a bowl of spaghetti. That's called RAPE. Bestiality is wrong because it's essentially RAPE.

If your love interest is a whole being with a rational mind that is capable of making abstract decisions regarding his or her or its own well-being, and possesses a method by which it can be explicitly and clearly be communicated that consent *is* given, (and let the record show that there is presently no such being OTHER than humans in reality, but there are in the context of the comic, Freefall, including nonhuman sapient aliens, self-aware machines, and the protagonist Florence Ambrose,) then: 1) it is not rape, and 2) he/she/it IS NOT EVEN A BEAST TO BEGIN WITH.

So... I think that Aesop is true o.o It's not besteality if (your partner) is (not a beast)
09:01:18 PM Aug 24th 2011
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