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06:25:34 AM Aug 12th 2011
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Rex and Esther will fall in love during Miracle day and then Rex and/or Esther will die
Since the injuries don't heal, this seems to be a logical conclusion. Rex is already turning into an american equivalent of Jack however, and with Ester's obligatory cruch on him it seems like they are going to evolve into a Beta Couple for Jack and Gwen. When you then consider that the producers seem to be fond of killing people off to make endings poignant, someone will proably have to go. So who will it be, Davies' darlings and the spine of the merchendise (unlikely), the new main character who happens to be undead (odds are against, but possible) or the character who borrows her purpose (exposition, sympathetic love interest) and personality from two characters who already bit it?

I swear people are pulling the bit in bold out of nowhere. Yes, it's WMG, but the bolded part is worded as if it was factual evidence. In five episodes, I've not seen ANY evidence of a crush. If I put any money on things, I'd say that Rex had a thing for JACK more than Esther.
02:43:10 AM Aug 26th 2011
The whole crush things is kinda sorta implied, but it's hardly prominent. Or confirmed, even. And Esther, surprising as it may seem to vocal members of the viewership, does have a role beyond exposition. In any case, the idea of a Rex/Jack ship is just inexplicably funny to me...
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