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09:21:51 AM Jan 26th 2013
Adventure theory I am. Huge fan of the show adventure time. I have always wondered what is the story behind the show. So I have came up with my own theory. Okay finn is really a kid in a coma. And the whole show is about the adventures He dreams up in his coma. Jake represents his pet dog He. Always told adventurous stories to. Princess bubble gum is an older girl that he had liked.Marceline is a monstorous vampire that He had heard stories of. Flame princess is a new girl that had came to his school she was always mean to all the other kids but she ended up liking finn and He liked her.Some of the monsters are the bullies He had dealed with.
05:56:26 AM Mar 13th 2014
"X is in a coma/imagining everything" theories stopped being interesting when they started to outnumber living humans.
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